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Training Women for Life

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Our Story

Hi, I'm Meli, and I'm really excited that you are here! I'm a Mum of o two beautiful girls that came to change my whole world.

I'm a former dancer and dance teacher, and I always felt fascinated by the human body and the things it can do. When I quit dancing, I wanted to keep being involved with movement. I started my fitness journey working for a global educational fitness company doing instructional videos for fitness professionals and teaching courses in several countries around the globe.

After becoming a mum and having to deal with PND, I thought, "how am I going to raise strong kids if I'm not strong myself?". I took some time to reconnect with myself and to learn about what was happening to me. Later I decided to take a step forward and took my education to the next level getting pre and postnatal training qualifications. 

I love to connect with Mums of all ages and open conversations, talk about those things only a few are willing to talk.

Our sessions are the safe space, judgment-free that every Mum needs.

Can't wait to connect with you! 

Big Love


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What Our

Mums Say

My husband and I have been training with Meli for over 1.5 years in our backyard. Meli tailors the workouts to ensure we both get the most out of the session and she finds a way to also involve our kids. She is a fantastic trainer and has made us both fitter, stronger and healthier.

Given the current environment, we have started doing virtual training sessions with Meli via Zoom. They have been just as good (and hard!) as a normal face to face session - we can barely walk afterwards! 😊

The whole family looks forward to our Saturday morning exercise session every week - thank you Meli!


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