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Strength for Mums

What's our Strength for Mums Program?

A program designed to improve your general fitness, focusing on strength so you can cope with the demands of MumLife! 

Our sessions are a safe space for women to transit Motherhood and there's no competition in our Community, we are a TEAM!

As your little people grow, you need to get stronger to catch up with them and that's exactly what this program is about. We work alongside the best Women's Health Pysiotherapists to better look after you 

We stretch what's tight and strengthen what's weak.

Let’s Work Together

Our Strength for Mums Program is for small groups only. 

Get in touch to come and do a trial session for only $15  to see if we are the right fit for each other.

Please provide your phone number when you click on the button below as sometimes emails land in junk or spam folders. Thank you!

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