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About Us


Our Mission

To help other mums to feel amazing again about themselves but not only on the outside but on the inside too. 

I strongly believes on the importance of taking ME time to re connect with yourself, with other mums that are on the same boat and share their experiences.  

I'm passionate about educating mums, so they know what is going on with their bodies after giving birth.


I see many mums pushing themselves hard because they want to look the way they used to look before becoming a mum, but only focusing on the outside. It is my mission to educate them and help them become strong and healthy moms, both physically and mentally and spiritually.  

It can take a while before it is safe to go back doing whatever they were doing before getting pregnant, but that doesn't mean they have to stop exercising. They need to move in a safe way helping their bodies with the postpartum process. 

Moving and having a group to go to helps to reduce the chances of having postnatal depression. 

Our Vision

For every Mum to have access to guidelines on how to safely exercise after giving birth.

For every Mum to know their birth story because by knowing it,I can help them better.

In my big vision every Mum has access to see a Women's Health Physio and a postnatal assessment to establish a baseline fort new Mums so they know where they are at and wherever that is, we will meet them there.

For every Mum to get help from a Mums Fitness Specialist, that's why we choose to work in collaboration with other Post Natal Professionals in the Fitness Industry.


Our Philosophy

IMG_1576 2.HEIC

Making a baby takes months, and no one questions that but, everyone questions about bouncing back... I believe in building strong foundations, take time to heal appropriately and no rushing. After all our bodies will never be the same, once postnatal, always postnatal.

Focusing on the inside and rebuilding your body from it will give you a solid base before you go back and exercise in the same way before getting pregnant.

I see Mums with prolapse and pelvic floor dysfunctions because of rushing the natural postnatal process.

We work only with small groups with strictly limited spots to make sure each Mum is very well looked after and adapting the session for individual needs. 

We also work closely with women’s health physios to rebuild from the inside out.


We strongly believe in the importance of taking some “Me time” as mums and also being good role models for our children. That's why your little ones are always welcome to our sessions, when they see you exercising, they see movement as another component of life and part of our integral health.

We are all about educating as many mums as possible on how to get back to exercising safely after giving birth and learn to love this “new me”

We care about what happens to our body after giving birth but also what happens to our minds and spirits that's why we want to keep opening the conversation about postnatal depression and anxiety.

Our  aim is to  help mums empower each other on their motherhood journey and build a judgement free zone.

Come and play with us!!

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