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The new best friend you need in your life!

We are super excited to offer you to join our team of MumSafe™️ Trainer-led online program “The Mum Movement Hub” that provides a supportive approach to fitness, empowering Mums to prioritise their health and well-being amidst the challenges of motherhood.

Plus we want to help all women of all ages and stages of life so you don't have to be a Mum to join our program!

We are so excited to provide you with another opportunity to exercise that is flexible and accomodating to the needs of your busy life. 

Working out from the comfort of your own home, daily LIVE classes or access to the daily recordings to complete at whatever time suits you best.  Knowing that all sessions are programmed for those in the Hub, you get access to an amazing TEAM of qualified MumSafe™️ trainers.

Start laying the foundations for your health & fitness journey and step by step it will become the new normal for you carving out time to add physical activity into your day


Coached by a team of MumSafe™️ Trainers

Being a MumSafe™️ Trainer means we are:

  • Safe Return to Exercise ("SRE") Accredited

  • Pre and Postnatal Trained and Insured

  • Women's Health Physio partnered

  • Registered with a Fitness Body

  • Committed to ongoing education

As MumSafe Trainers, we understand flexibility with class times, variety and workout options is crucial and workout options to fit into different time slots.

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Short, Effective Workouts to boost your energy levels.

Feel Fabulous while getting stronger with a Community of likeminded Women.


You are not just a body

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