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 Can’t rave enough about my sessions with Meli. I was feeling as though I needed more from my exercise routine but was also aware that My body wasn’t the same as it was from before baby number two.  Meli offered challenging but enjoyable sessions which were safe. I would follow Meli anywhere to train with her. It is tough to feel comfortable in most exercise environments when you have to take your young children with you but Meli made me feel happy at all times. Meli showed flexibility and understanding with my 18 month old too, she loves Meli and enjoyed my sessions as much as I did. I can’t think of a better way than to start my mornings training outdoors in the park with Meli.


Meli helped me immensely postpartum. helped me be more in tune with my body, and to return to my pre-baby weight within 6 months. It was such a load off my mind to be able to workout for the full hour without having to worry about bub, and know that she was in good hands with the on site nanny.
Super recommend Meli to help kick your butt into gear and motivate you, and take some time out doing something for yourself.


I love working out with Meli. She’s fun, professional, intuitive, caring and always has the best advice. It’s clear that she’s been doing personal training for a long time as she is so in tune with how the body works best and tailoring exercises for my own unique issues. Her passion for health and wellness inspires me to take better care of myself and to listen to my bodies needs. I couldn’t recommend Meli highly enough!


My session with Meli a few weeks ago was very insightful. I have been incorporating many of the exercises I learnt into my daily routines at home, especially the pelvic floor exercise which was very helpful to do. Meli explained all the different techniques very well and she corrected me as I needed. She is very approachable and easy to talk to, particularly regarding those more personal areas that most exercise classes avoid. The class was intense and very interesting to do and Meli was very clear explaining the different movements. I will definitely come back for more!


I’m happy to share my experience of the class we had with Meli in the park. During the session, we went through various exercises, making it really dynamic and interesting, that, also helped us stay focused in the class. The expertise and guidance she provided throughout the training session was amazing. She worked excellently with all of us, and her knowledge and ability on the matter is all but unmatched.

Her persistence kept me focused and committed to the schedule.

Spend time in the park sharing with other mums is a plus. The best way to exercise!!!

I am really looking forward to another session.


Training with Meli is fantastic. I started with one on one sessions but later I joined the group sessions. The classes are fun and enjoyable, every time different and challenging to keep us motivated. 

I would recommend her to everyone. She helped me to improve my fitness, correct my posture and she also gave me useful advices of how to take care of my body focusing on warm up, exercises and stretching. She always ensures that my technique and posture is correct in order to avoid injuries. 

Thank you Meli for all your encourage and support!


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