It's easy to fall into the "I don't have time to train" zone. Life can be busy specially with little people that constantly need our attention.

That is why we have designed our Mum and Dad sessions! 

A great chance to look after yourself, spend quality time with your partner and exercise together.

We also offer nanny service or we can have little people around if you are happy with that, they usually enjoy training next to Mum and Dad and it's also an amazing way to show them how important it is to stay active despite how busy our life can be.

They look up to us, we are their role models, so more than ever is important to make time to look after our selves.

We will focus on pelvic floor and TVA and we'll look after your technique and safety as you rebuild from the inside out.

For your own convenience we go to you!

Please note that this sevice has very limited time slots available.

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Private/Semi private sessions



Small groups

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